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Total Arrogance - The Arrogant Worms


These are games invented by myself and friends of mine. They are, of course, Worm-related and a good laugh most of the time.

The Wormellent Drink'n Game
(created by Row, Hailey and Shireen)

This game involves 3 players and 1 "game master". The game master of the game is called Tractor Jack. He is your God.

The other three players are Mike, Chris and Trevor.

To begin, Tractor Jack pours favoured beverage into three glasses of the same size. (Carbonated beverages are not recommended unless you enjoy the burning of the throat.) The amount of liquid is equal.

Then he assigns ranks to the glasses, choosing which will be Mike, Chris and Trevor. He then assigns the ranks to the players as well. (For a good laugh, make Trevor the weakest drinker. You'll understand later.)

Each player takes a glass. Their assigned role determines how much liquid is in the glass.

1) The Mike glass sets the pace of the drinking. It must be the most full at all times.

2) The Chris glass must have less beverage than the Mike glass, but more than the Trevor glass.

3) The Trevor glass must have less than both other glasses. If it has more at any point, DRINK UP!

4) Tractor Jack can be a jackass and fill up any glass at any point. He can do this to either make things more difficult or help the players.

5) If any glass is emptied completely, that person is OUT! You must be able to see that there is still liquid in the glass when it is standing. No tipping to look in the light. You can't tell when it's standing and you're gone.

6) If you are the last glass with liquid, then congrats! You have a very large bladder. You also get first chance to go to the washroom!

It's a complicated game, but the more you play, the more you know what you're doing.

Song Lyrics Game
(created by Row, tested with Emma and Dave)

This game is a lot more simple. The point is to attempt to carry on a conversation that MAKES SENSE while only using Worms lyrics. Only lyrics. No quotes from song intros or whatever. Lyrics. The catch? You cannot use more than 2 lyrics from the same song in a row. It cannot be the next lyric in the song either (ie: If Player 1 says: Be my laptop dancer, Player 2 cannot say: I've got lots of RAM for you.) There's also a time limit. This can be set to whatever you want, based on knowledge of Worm.


"What the hell's in a hot dog?"
"But it is also very bad for you."
"If I got pregnant, it could hurt my baby."
"Just ask Sam, the guy from Quincy."
"He smiles at the camera and tells a little joke."
"He's got a big gut and a big fat ass."
"Gonna kill that guy."

Simple enough. Get out there and learn your lyrics!

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