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Total Arrogance - The Arrogant Worms
The Quest

The Quest is a video made by myself and some friends of mine. The full title is "The Quest For Worms". It's a very strange video where we go on a cross-country hunt for the Worms and we don't even know where they're playing anyway. There are many quirky adventures along the way and it's a sight worth seeing.


When an eager Row unearths a rumour about a permanent word change in Gaelic Song, she decides she must attend the debuting concert. Enlisting the help of Emma, Shireen, Riley and Hailey, the quest for Worms begins with little hope as the location of the concert is known only to be Canada. With no idea where to find their goal and no clue how to get there, will the quest ever be at an end?

And the Worms say:

"After the show we were given a DVD with some movie trailers on it. I just finished watching them and they are hilarious. Some very creative and clever folks have been making a movie called The Quest for Worms and it looks like it will be bigger than Fantastic Four. There is more information about the movie at this website. We can’t wait to see the finished product. We are once again humbled at the creativity and talent of our fans." - Chris


Filming is on its way to the uberly exciting half-way point! There's only about 19 minutes in total of the movie so far. Looks like it's a lot shorter than I thought. Methinks it's time for another script look-over. But with our piles of bloopers, that makes up for all that.

There are 4 trailers in existance (1 teaser, 2 actual trailers, 1 foreign). You will likely see none of them. But they're pretty cool.

If all goes well, filming will be complete early in August so that I can have a week as a hermit to edit it all together. Likely multiple times since I will lose things here or there due to technology.


She also directed, wrote, produced, edited... etc... she's weird.

She pestered Row a lot. It was fun.

She made a cameo and did cameras.

I will most likely post the script up eventually since people getting their hands on the actual video will be pretty difficult. It's probably more funny when you're us.

Shooting is with a small, hand-held, at least 5 year old, Sony camcorder. Thus quality is not high. Oh well. Editing is done with Windows Movie Maker, for lack of a better program. It likes to hate me. Times of day are all over the place for when we film. There was one day where we stayed up for almost a full 24 hours, just to film a 4:30 a.m. sequence with fog, and some extras.

The so-called "annoying one." That's ok. Makes for a fun time early in the morning.

She enters through song. Can't beat that.

The one who can drive. We love her. No really. Not just cuz she can drive.


I like toast