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Total Arrogance - The Arrogant Worms

Here you will find quotes from Worms. They come from musical banter, blogging and some are from Get Stupid! Enjoy.

Seven year of French immersion and he can say grapefruit. - Mike That's all you need - Chris

Canada should really consider taking over Vermont. It's really nice there. They seem like they'd come peacefully too which would help quite a bit.- Chris

We had kids dancing in front of the stage and one kid even took the cow song too far and started eating grass. We were sure that the Parks and Rec crew were happy to have the help mowing the lawn. - Chris

Our stage was shaded by some camouflage netting and one of the poles gave way in the wind and I was obscured for a little while until it was fixed. I felt like we were being trapped and being made citizens of Montana. Which would be fine with me. I just missed a chance to hear former Presidential candidate and current Democratic Party President Howard Dean speak. He happened to be in town but we just missed him. Rats. I'm sure he was bummed to miss our show too. Yeah, likely not. - Chris

We should have know it would be fun because it's a big land mass with very few people in it. Kinda like Canada. - Chris

On the drive into the festival we saw a guy working on his lawn with a weed whacker. It was nothing out of the ordinary until you consider his wardrobe. He was wearing an industrial type welding mask, airport runway ear protection and ... wait for it ... an orange speedo. And that's it. So of course we mention our sighting on the mainstage that evening and heard many twitters from those who had witnessed the same thing. The mainstage set was a lot of fun with many more references to weed whackers. As we were packing up backstage a guy comes around to wish us well. It was SPEEDO GUY. He loved the attention. Thank God because we could have been weed whacked to death. - Chris

There's nothing like the freshness of a recently sucked and cleaned porta-potty. It's like spring really. A rebirth. Like the canvas is clear and ready for whatever the artist has to offer. Poetic for sure. - Chris

It was fun with many references to German reggae. I don't even know why that was funny. Good times though. - Chris

It will be odd to stay in the same hotel for two nights in a row. You know what that means? We get to use the drawers in the hotel room. That’s a big thrill when we get to unpack our suitcase and put some clothes in the drawers and closet. Yes, our lives are THAT exciting. - Chris

Ottawa tomorrow. I hope we can go skating on the canal. - Chris (posted in July)

We inhaled a lot of bugs when the lights went on but they were darn tasty. A little more spicy than you'd think. I wonder how many bugs Kalan Porter ate last week. He looks hungry. I hope he had some. - Chris

All of that makes up for the fact that we weren’t invited to Live 8. We would have at least shown up in person and not via satellite. - Chris

We were playing on the set of the current musical that is in the theatre called Dads II. There was a staircase, a few baby cribs and some giant toy blocks. Like we need more distractions during a show. We had fun on the set. - Chris

The local animal shelter had a show and tell of three dogs who were looking for homes. We're pretty sure they will find new people to love them very soon. We were tempted to take them all home with us but we would have been over our duty free limit. - Chris

One of the best features of Old Songs is a guy named Jake who does sign language interpreting for all of the mainstage sets. He made us laugh a lot a couple years ago as he tried to interpret the Gaelic Song into sign language. It didn't work so he just swayed in time to the music. As you can imagine, I Pulled My Groin went over fairly well this weekend. One never knows how repetitive a song is until you see it in sign language. The sign is pretty much what you think it is. Thanks, Jake! We also learned how to sign dork and Arrogant Worms. - Chris

It was hotter than heck all weekend and we thought we may melt a couple times. Not sure of our accrued weight loss for the weekend but we sure did sweat a lot. Much of the sweat was caused by debuting new songs. Always a bit nerve racking. - Chris

My method of dance is, shall we say, freeform. It’s not really one style, it’s more like a stew or a casserole of dance. When the limbs start going, I can’t fight it and sometimes you get a little of my bad tap dancing, sometimes a dose of Elvis hip-shaking. You just have to let it all out and go with it. That’s what the Worms are all about. - Chris

We delighted and horrified him all at the same time. He's uh.... excited about the new album. No, he is. - Chris

Trevor sat on the patio with the other non-golfers and judged people. His main sticking point was about the height of one's socks when they are golfing in shorts. It was fun for all. - Chris

Hmmmm. Sometimes I make myself think. Gotta watch that. - Chris

Me likey. Summer good. - Chris

So we're officially back on the horse. Touring begins again. New songs will be debuted, judged and edited. Sunburns will occur. Maps will be used. Maps will be lost. Worms will be lost. - Chris

T.O. Strong is a great, great man. - Trevor

You thought we could screw up songs we know. You should see this. Some of these haven't even been written yet! - Mike

It's like peanut butter without the nuts. - Chris

To whoa or not to whoa. - Chris

Antarctica is ruled by penguins. - Trevor

We're home now. We can make our own muffins. - Chris

Trevor had the red sauce. - Chris

I know you're saving a lot of money by not heating the province. - Trevor

We like funny names. - Chris

I no longer have picky face. - Mike

Whoa! News flash! This just came in on the donkey! - Trevor

I just shaved. I'm still ugly. But less hairy. - Mike

We also celebrated the new holiday, Fiber Day. Hopefully it will be a regular thing. - Chris

In the words of all true Albertans, it is a dry cold. - Mike

Luckily there were no rock injuries. - Chris

A famous dead French guy once said, "I think therefore I am." - Trevor

Trevor's concept of the New Amish - their technology stops at Pong. - Chris

Mike and Trevor played a bit of basketball while I opted for sitting on my butt. - Chris

I was feeling blue that day. - Trevor

I never knew napping could be so dangerous. - Chris

Lame song! No wonder we win the bronze! We're letting the Swedes by all the time! - Mike

That last song was really expensive to do. - Chris

So if you have any medication, kick it in now. By about the intermission, you'll be having a good time. - Mike

Monorails are fun. Monorail, monorail. - Chris

Underwear is good enough. - Trevor

Rock and roll destruction! Dig it. - Chris

Can't wait to get home and read my mail. I may already have won. - Chris

The more you give, the less you have. - Trevor

That way I can find out what Chris and Trevor are thinking. So far, it appears that Chris is thinking only of his pants and Trevor isn't thinking of anything. As I always suspected. - Mike

Man flips channel. Outkast video comes on TV. He dances around the room and shakes it like a polaroid picture. - Chris

A lot of obviously strange people. - Mike

I'm blogging. - Chris

Yeah! Literacy! - Trevor

It used to sit on top of Dutch garbage and now it's here with the Arrogant Worms. - Chris

Here's a bit of a waltz if you wanna... waltz. The verb's the same as the noun. - Trevor

If he farts, it's just a tea towel. - Mike

Wow, we can't air any of this. - Chris

Well, I did, but it was undercooked. - Trevor

It's the morning after the night of new pants. - Chris

Mike and Trevor can have their free coffee but I'm gonna win a TV. - Chris


Soar like a bird and get hit by a plane. - Trevor

Everyone knows her! - Chris

Hey Trev! You missed the first number. We rocked! - Mike

Get stupid! Get stupid! Stupid get! - Trevor

Just like Wonderland, ma'am. It's a different wonder though. - Chris

All the Lego in Scandinavia wouldn't be enough. - Trevor

I like toast! - Mike

Gotta look pretty. - Chris

Here is your moment with Mike. - Trevor

Actually we have one more piece left. One more piece left in our movement. - Chris

It's right under beachcombers. - Mike

I didn't buy a mini-skirt! - Chris

Let's also use our multiple-facisted eyes. - Mike

It's also possessive right? If you're referring to something owned by Walt. - Chris

I can spin silk out my bum. - Trevor

Gotta love that. Three minute symphonic fart joke. - Mike

Only goes to show, you put on a tux, you're not necessarily classy. - Chris

You know we make a lot of mistakes. Tonight, you're going to get even more. - Trevor

Someone should read Dr. Seuss. - Mike

Wow, is that ever crap! - Chris

Some people say song-writing's a craft. Utter garbage! - Mike

Glad to see you got the memo. - Trevor

And you'll sound like Yoda, but other than that, you're fine. - Chris

There's a lot of love in the room tonight and uhh... a little bit of Vegas Comedy. - Chris

They put the little sign out the front, "Late-comers will be mocked." - Mike

Trevor Strong on cage-dancing. We have pictures. - Chris

No, Mozart isn't playing tonight. - Trevor

Mon cheveux est messey! - Chris

My horse is messy! - Mike

You know Trevor's just gonna get that tape from Andy and loop it. Whenever he's feeling a little sad, "TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF!" - Chris

Grab some roadkill and wooo! - Mike

My skin only goes up to here! The rest is veins! Oh yeah, I was in a freak show for years. But now I'm in a bigger freak show! - Trevor

And once you get there... - Chris; It's time to turn around. - Mike

She's got her own page in the phonebook under Girl comma the. - Mike

Look at the symphony... no no no, don't look at them! CHRIS' HAIR! - Trevor

And now it's our pleasure, and our honour, and your honour too. I mean, this is a real treat for you, isn't it? - Mike

We're very ethnic. - Trevor

Bank you very much! - All three (post-Proud to Be a Banker)

From the soon to be released album: I like toast! - Mike

Don't speed up! - Mike

Some ass told me. - Chris

You're in good hands. - Mike

Tear it up! Mama Mia! - Chris

You want it? I'll throw my appendix into the audience 'cause I don't need it! - Trevor

They hate that crap! Just last summer we were out in Cape Breton Island, the supposed hot bed of Canadian culture, turn on the radiom, what do you hear? Procol Harum! 24 hours a day! - Mike

Or you can do nothing, because you paid for us to entertain you. - Trevor

I sat next to someone who had fajitas today! - Chris

Who needs another note? - Mike

Although Mike was adopted. He could be anything. We'd never know. - Trevor

Stop cheering. - Mike

You'd have to make a new instrument. - Trevor

Yes, we are the powdered beverage of the musical comedy world. - Chris

Once a drunk man named Terry enjoyed our act so much he joined us on stage and began playing harmonica. After he gave us a Brett Hull hockey card. Thanks Terry. Who needs a Juno? - Mike

I'll give you some simple advice on the meaning of life - shut up and eat some cheesies! - Trevor

Are folks getting the idea that I’m fairly clueless as to what’s going on? - Mike

I’m partially colour blind and if I dropped a guitar pick on the carpet it would take me several minutes to find it while Trevor would stand there and laugh. - Mike

He’s promised to make sandwiches for tomorrow’s trip. I may keep mine as a memento. - Mike

I’m on a boat right. A ferry. Not the Wolfe Island Ferry but a very nice ferry nonetheless. - Chris

Congrats to our friends David Francey and Connie Kaldor who won awards. We’ll have to ask them what that’s like. Sniffle sniffle. - Chris

Oh hello. We've been sleeping for the last couple of months. - Chris

"Why my good chap?" I didn't call him "chap" but I think I will try to use the word later today. - Mike

The border was nice enough but like Shania says, we didn’t impress her much. - Chris

How will you do it? Will you juggle? No. Will you read minds? No. Will you ride an elephant and play the clarinet? No. - Chris

We folded Mike up and he slept in a box. We drove over from Dallas, PA and eventually got to our destination in Cambridge after a few wrong turns and a lost map. Turns out it was under Trevor's seat. We didn't find it until three days later. - Chris

On one of our drives, I queried Mike and Trevor about what cows think about. They didn't know either. They must be thinking about something. They have four stomachs so maybe they think about that. Do they realize that they are grazing in front of a McDonalds billboard? I didn't have the heart to tell them. - Chris

"At 10:20 pm. Are you playing tonight?" Well, I'll be finishing up around then. Won't be expecting an encore because we pretty much suck as an a capella group. - Mike

Not to worry, I was appropriately mocked by my co-workers. Then I licked their microphones. - Chris

Never travel with Mike McCormick. - Chris

We kinda just did laundry and watched TV. My gosh, our lives are exciting. - Chris

We're looking forward to it even though Trevor forgot to bring his Frisbee for passing time in ferry lines. Gosh, I hope we don't have to talk to each other. - Chris

It's fog and ice all in one. Sounds like a drink; or a Scandanavian dance band. -Mike

When we were driving in the crazy weather a few weeks ago we came up with the concept of ditch food. We thought it would be smart to have food in the car that we could munch on while we were stuck in a ditch during a snow storm. The name was more fun than the concept. Just say it: ditch food. Now say it with funny accents. It's really fun. - Chris

We had fun with the phrase botannical fantacies as that was the exhibit in the gallery. It's no ditch food, but it's still pretty fun to say. - Chris

Being paged at an airport can be kind of cool; one gets to strut across the floor boldly exclaiming, "Yes that is me I am being paged because I am very important!" - Mike


I like toast