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Total Arrogance - The Arrogant Worms
About the Worms

(From the Official Site, clearly not updated recently)
The Arrogant Worms are Canada's best known musical comedy act. From humble beginnings on campus radio in Kingston, Ontario; they have now performed from Saint John to Victoria and Orlando to Prince Rupert.

SEVEN popular CDs, three videos, the most requested song on the internationally syndicated "Dr. Demento Show", and standing ovations from audiences every where.

Recently, they performed on Parliament Hill on Canada Day to well over 100,000 people, received standing ovations at Folk Festivals and performed a new musical, "King of the Surf" at the Edmonton Fringe Festival.

The Arrogant Worms continue to be CBC Radio darlings but their music now pops up on commercial radio and television. They have been seen on many regional shows and are featured on the new Comedy Channel.

They have never been on the Rita MacNeil show. However, Ms. MacNeil has never been invited to contribute to an Arrogant Worms album, so there may be some bitterness there.


Trevor Strong is the mother of three fuzzy children. Turn-ons: his hair, the smell of gas (his own), forcing cats to snuggle when they don't want to and spring fashion. Turn-offs: being awake, this silly notion that people with good table manners are somehow better than the rest of us and the word "gaggle"

Trevor strong sings, plays things and appears dishevelled.

Trevor is actually six foot seven inches tall with olive skin and a ripe muscular physique, but appears short, pale and flabby to let others feel better about themselves. Trevor would like to thank Christie, Kitty, and his friends and family for their love, support and tolerance. Trevor would also like to thank the little green man who lives in his head.
Sings and plays any instrument smaller than three inches long. Despite his prodigious mane of curly blonde locks he is not a crazed Muppet as earlier reported on the "Fifth Estate".

Trevor is embarrassed to possess a psychology degree from Queen's. He spent his formative years in Belleville, ON, and will shake noticeably when you mention that fact. Give it a try! Its fun!


Chris Patterson used to live in every town they'd ever played in. Turn-ons: bad sitcoms, awkward social situations, hockey fights and leaving the turn signal on for several miles after a lane change. Turn-offs: being told he looks like Brian Mulroney, inferior dancers and people who don't appreciate experimental bass playing.

Chris Patterson sings, plays bass and appears courtesy of non-alcoholic beer.

Chris has now been with The Arrogant Worms for four years without being replaced. Why has he lasted so long? A chimp could do what he does. Maybe he's a chimp. No one knows, but we do know that Chris is as pure and innocent as the day he was born.

Plays bass, sings and never stops moving ... in both senses of the word. Chris used to live in every town The Worms have ever played in. He may not be the best bowler, but man can he dance! Before becoming an entertainer, he enjoyed success as a paperboy, grocery bagger, gas jockey and blacksmith.

He loves his pal Lumpy and hates his pancreas.


Mike McCormick enjoys bowling and yelling. Turn-ons: really, really cold freakin' weather, his computer, hops and barley. Turn-offs: long walks on the beach, Moby Dick and flying in a plane really high with a drunk heavy breather on one side and a crying child with a nicotine addiction on the othe side.

Mike McCormick sings, plays guitar and appears courtesy of medical science.

Mike is a mean, nasty man who hates everything, everybody, and especially musical comedy albums. He lives in a small toolshed in the Ottawa Valley where he spends his days yodelling and kicking a lawn mower. Future plans inclue elevation to near godlike status. Mike thanks Laura, Zoe, family and friends for love and support; coffee, beer, ice cream and doughnuts for love and inspiration; the Globe and Mail Style Guide for advise on the use of the serial comma.

Plays guitar, sings and rants a lot. He is colour blind and is losing his hearing; explaining both his fashion sense and his taste in music.

Mike is the tallest, oldest, most educated and is the best bowler in The Worms. He only watches T.V. if it's CFL, Hockey or Star Trek and thinks that voyager would be better if either James Kirk or Shania Twain were captain.


I like toast